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Rosegal womens day 2018, promotions and sale

From 7 to 9 March on Rosegal  promotions and sale are endless! On the womens day 2018 you can save up to 80% and also the opportunity to win $ 50 and the right to free fast shipments. It is advisable to stay tuned on women's day 2018 in order to be able to have as many discounts as possible.

The womens day special can be the right occasion to give us fantastic gifts for us fantastic women. We can take advantage of all these discounts and buy clothes for the new season to renew our wardrobe. In fact, using the code SUPERLADY we will have 5 $ less on an expense of $ 59, $ 15 less on $ 109 and $ 30 on $ 199. Also the more we buy the more we will be entitled to discounts.

So what are we waiting for? I'll show you some clothes that you can not certainly miss:



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